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Organization Profile

dear myanmar activities

DEAR Myanmar is a non-profit good will Myanmar non-governmental socio-philanthropic organization, formed by well-wishers from Agricultural and live stock community.

Dear Myanmar has eager intention to carry out wide range of Agricultural development and provides humanitarian services especially for the vulnerable people inhabiting at the rural areas.

DEAR Myanmar aim to promote and uplift the life of rural people by implementing development activities in the fields of Basic Needs, Food Security, Food Safety, Agriculture and Livestock by conducting Good Agricultural Practice (GAP) and build-up sustainable Agriculture.

In this very moment being misuse the wide range of chemicals among the Farmers, natural equilibrium and soil composition have been getting ruin. Moreover the other issues like air pollution, water pollution, soil pollution, pesticide residues and pesticide immunity as well as biodiversity impact issues also been followed.

Well wishers of DEAR Myanmar take that responsibility in remedy above mentioned issues by conducting Organic farming system and to ensure food security and food safety.

DEAR Myanmar has founded in 15th May, 2007 and be a Member of Myanmar NGO Network (MNN) on 8th August, 2009.

DEAR Myanmar is also a member of the following Associations

  • Myanmar NGO Network (MNN)
  • Food Security Working Group
  • Mangrove and Environmental Rehabilitation Network
  • Myanmar NGO Network
  • Food security working group
  • Renewable Energy Association Myanmar (REAM)
  • World Concern
  • MERN
  • MCS
  • Better Life
  • Metta Development Foundation

Aims and objectives of DEAR Myanmar

In Myanmar because of the extreme utilization of chemicals, such as chemical fertilizers, pesticides, fungicides and weed killers, bio-diversity and natural equilibrium of soil and environment have been getting ruin thus far. DEAR Myanmar aware that the remedy measures should seriously be taken action. In this case, DEAR Myanmar has been organized CBOs at the various places among the country especially in Nargis storm disastrous Delta area. DEAR Myanmar shall create market accessibility for the farmers. Direct link to retail market or direct to consumers with the farmers. At the same time as DEAR Myanmar intend to follow the Organic farming Techniques for the sustainable Agriculture system and to protect the chemical contamination in soil and water. Thus DEAR Myanmar forms Technician groups of different sectors to perform necessary awareness trainings for the farmers (CBOs) to have right concept in using inputs and Cultural practice. In this way they can justify the cause and effect in using fertilizers, pesticides, weed killers, etc. One of the aim and object which is most important and necessary for the farmers is water availability both drinking water and cultivating water. Integrated pest management (IPM) and post harvesting training are also emphasize subjects of DEAR Myanmar. DEAR Myanmar technician will conduct awareness training at Farmer field school regarding environmental friendly, healthcare education and development of living standard.

Beside above mention facts DEAR Myanmar intend to assist farmer for increase cultivation area and yield per acre and also to race the capability of farmers.

Expansion of cultivated land and raise in per acre production

Activities at present our activites are simple inplemented in

  • 7 - States/Divisions
  • 13 - Townships
  • 37 - Village tracts and
  • 100 - Villages
  • by/for 200 farmers
  • on 2,000 acres of land by cultivation of different variety of corps.

On Going Project

  • High yield quality seeds reproduction
  • Seed production farm has being raised to produce pure and high yield variety seeds to distribute farmers for more earnings.

  • Bee keeping
  • Since the bees are the beneficial insects having very sensitive to the chemical poison, DEAR Myanmar has plan to encourage and support the farmers at the bee-keeping areas for using herbal pesticides instead of chemical pesticides. DEAR Myanmar will collaborate with FREDA and conduct awareness training to the farmers.

  • Strive to recover spoiled soil and ecology
  • Through the community organizations DEAR Myanmar carries out awareness training regarding Organic soil fertilizer to correct the soil condition for both fertility and texture.

Location Of Projects

At present, seed propagation and promotion of natural farming is being implemented in
  • Centural Myanmar, Arid zone
  • Rakhine State
  • Inlay Area
  • Frontier areas and
  • Villages in Ayarwady Division

Below mentioned States, Division, Township and Village tracts are enter the project area:

  • 7 - States/Divisions
  • 13 - Townships
  • 37 - Village tracts and
  • 100 - Villages
  • with 200 farmers
  • On 2,000 acres of land by cultivation of different variety of corps.