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Our Activities

Projected Plans


Educative workshops on reduction of chemical fertilizers and substitution by natural fertilizers.
  • Aid of natural fertilizers.
  • Agricultural loans and aids.
  • Explore ideal natural farms and motivate people to exploit follow or unused land for such.
  • Distribution of high-yeild qaulity crops.
  • Assistance and management for hazard free good agricultural practices.
  • To help and administer for higher production at lesser cost.
  • Proper usage of agricultural waste and by products and post harvest strategies.
  • Preservation of soil properties.
  • Natural pest control techniques.
  • Training on keeping of proper records in natural farming programmes.
  • Relevant activity for the promotion of chemical free.

Livestock Breeding

  • Educate on proper choice of breeding techniques that match the enviroment.
  • Natural health care of the animals bred.
  • Aid on feeding and upbringing of different breeds of animals.
  • Proper planning of life care safety systems.

Enviromental Protection

Get - to - gethers and discussions to create a nature friendly atmosphere and protect the environment.

Sustainability of the Organic values of the soil

  • Fertile soil enhances higher quality and better yeild of crop.
  • Application of natural fertilizers, subsidiary crop, multiple crop, rotation of crop and provision for proper growth of microbes in the soil are essential for the betterment of soil.
  • Usage of Organic fertilizers, such as -
    • bio - fertilizers
    • manure
    • green manure
    • agro-by products is being advocated.

Natural pest and disease management

  • Before cultivation of the required crop a cover crop of the pea of bean family should be planted. This provides -
    • Growth of helpful insects and controls pests;
    • Protects from growth of weeds;
    • breaks the life cycles of pests and promoter growth of aimed crops.
  • Use of botanical pesticides.


Benefits of Natural Farming and Breeding


  • Systematic education and application of natural farming principles
  • Awareness on possible hazards in natural farming
  • Awareness of enviromental protection
  • Production of safe and sound farm products free from danger
  • Build up confidence on natural farming systems

Livestock Breeding

  • By following the safety and health care principle in natural feeding of animals being bred:
  • Though there maybe loss and death due contagions diseases in the locality the said breeding farm will be safe,
  • Smell of dung and urine will be totally free,
  • Ration of meat production to feed consumption will be greater,
  • Acidity due fungas in the bowels and intestine will be protected,
  • Production of eggs, meat and milk will be more . . . . and
  • By products from natural farming can be used for feed


Obstacles in Natural farming

  • Excess use of chemical fertilizers for higher production.
  • Lack of protection on cultivated land and its surrounding.
  • Lack of proper usage of fertilizers to suit the land and crop.
  • Erosion of soil and lack of nutrients for the crop.
  • High cost of chemical fertilizer used.
  • Debt burden
  • Excess of chemical usage.
  • Lack of know how and education on soil preservation and ecological control.